Training for the 2022 season

Training is beginning for a new season on the 21st of August with a new manager, Craig Jordan. Craig has previously played for the club and brings his immense expertise to hopefully steer us to victory this year.

Our pre-season friendly with the Sikh Lions ended with a hard fought Nottingham Lions victory, which takes us into the year with high spirits.

If you are keen on having a try out, whether you’ve never kicked a ball and aren’t sure what off-side really means, or if you’ve been a dab hand for years, our first session is at Gresham Sports Park on Sunday the 21st of August from 4-6pm. Don’t worry about your fitness, age, gender or ability being an issue, our motto is Football for All and we all live by it.

Your first session is a free trial. Shin pads are a must for safety reasons, and football boots are recommended. Changing rooms and showering facilities are available on site for before and after training. Parking is freely available.

We’re a very friendly bunch, so you can just turn up and introduce yourself, however you’re more than welcome to introduce yourself beforehand to the committee at and organise to meet someone ten minutes before training and get you started.

Players in orange tops pose after a football match.

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